From Glasgow with love

Right, lets see. How does one right a proper blog? Im not sure, but I will give it a bash.

Upon my recent move to Glasgow I came to realize that living in the UK is not that different from living in a so called developing country. Considering the fact that they put carpet in their bathrooms (where the floor is bound to get soaked from time to time), put their mars-bars in the deep-fryer and expect one to turn off the heating whe leaving the house (even if its just for a quick dash to the convenience store), I think it is sometime a trip right back to the 1950’ies.

However, I must admit that moving in too our lovely wee flat in Glasgow’s West End did brighten up my new life considerably. It is a tiny two-bedroom tenement, but it is recently refurbished and has everything we need at this moment in time. The day before yesterday we even pimped it with our first ever xmas tree. It is beautiful and it is ours. The huge load of gifts underneath it does help to make it every bit as exciting as it’s supposed to be and I don’t mind admitting that i LOVE getting presents. It is fun enough to give them away, but nothing beats getting a surprise-present when you least count on it.

The reason I decided to take up blogging is, to be honest, mainly because I am bored. That is the harsh truth. I am working full-force with our wee family business but it still only keeps me busy for half of the day. What to do with the rest of my time??? I hope to keep this blog inspiring and fun. Myself for one, do prefer those blogs that are updated about 10 times a day. However, this won’t be one of those blogs. I will write when I got something I want to share, and will try to keep boring details about my daily whereabouts away.

That will have to be it for now. Got to get back to my delicious haddock-soup, served at one of my favorite cafés right round the corner from where we live. Over and out.


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One Response to From Glasgow with love

  1. bomida says:

    I love everything about your blog, eventhough I started from the top and kept reading to the bottom, silly me. And for som reason it feel more right for me to write in english as well 😉
    Haha, maybe cos I just finished a web/telephone conference with Limerick, Ireland.

    Kisse and misses!

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