Where to find inspiration? In order for me to get motivated enough to get out of bed every day, I need some real good inspiration. This can be found everywhere. I find inspiration in;

  • pretty things
  • other peoples’ achievements (how cool isn’t it when really young people like ourselves, just go out on a limb and do it?)
  • a good view (such as the one from a hotel in the Alps)
  • property-homepages where I can dream about our future home
  • small surprises during everyday-life such as how good the coffee tasted this morning
  • photo albums from where i can get reminded about just how great that holiday last year was
  • all the opportunities that actually are out there.

When I grow up I want to be a true entrepreneur. I want to get this business up and running, I want to do some freelance writing to feed my creative urge, I want a big house with a big garden. I want to get chinese whenever I dont want to cook, I want to be able to buy all those great clothes I seen yesterday, I want to spend however much time I feel like at the island. I also intend to travel a lot and eat plenty of good food and drink large amounts of good wine. There it is. I dont think I am asking for much.

I cant point out enough how important it is to always go after what you want. Try it now, while you’re young and do not have a lot of things that tie you down. Before you got a morgage on your hands and kids to feed and bills to pay.

In our next flat or house I need an office space. A proper work desk where I can do my work, keep all my papers and most important of all, have a wall of inspiration right in front of  me (thanks Hannah at for making me realize this). I need a place to put those pages I rip out of magazines, the photos that I print and the lists that I make for all the stuff I need to do. I am thinking about something similar to the ones below. Should be easy enough to set up.

Courtesy of Gennine’s art blog.


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