Scotland near and far

I must admit, Scotland is a beautiful country! It is dramatic yet shabby, rough yet cosy, chilling to the bone yet with more sunny days that my home country. it is a country of contrasts. 

Every so often we try to get out of the city and go to see a new place. There is an endless amount of pubs out there, complete with fire-places and candlelights just to my liking. One of our favourites is The Clackin up in the hills. After the scenic route there you throwyourself in one of the sofas and heat up from the fire. An other obvious choice is Cameron House, it being a full-on castle with a fantastic view of Loch Lomond. I am going back there as soon as I can to discover what more it got to offer, but for now, you will have to make do with some pictures from our last visit. I took Paul up there for his birthday, and we were all so lucky with the wether than day. After 2 weeks of complete caos due to the snow-“blizzard” that covered the streets in a  full 10cm of snow, the UK shut down high ways, airports and so on and we have been stuck in West End since then.  

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