Farmers market

In Glasgow’s West End where we live there is a Farmers market every other weekend. It is fabulous and offers fresh produce straight from the farms. The people are great, let you taste everything and I love walking around there, just looking at all the yammie stuff. And it smells amazing! Last time we bought some home-made pesto, that was out of this world (!), olive-bread, a pheasant (that came out completely dry, I need to learn how to cook it properly) and some delicious beef-sausages. I wish these kinds of markets were more common, I love the idea of getting my food straight from the farm, as fresh as can be. Isn’t it just fab? (That said, I still want my exotic veg available all year around. Its hypocrytical, I know.)

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One Response to Farmers market

  1. bomida says:

    Johanna min älskade vän, din blogg är underbar och du känns inte längre så långt borta! Puss

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