Favourite spots

Every time I leave the flat I find a new favourite spot in Glasgow. I have enlightened Paul about the shops where xmas gifts preferably should be bought and I took my sister and her boyfriend to some of the places when they were here. I think it is important to have those special placces to go to. I have different places for different feelings; there are the indulge-spots, the cosy-spots, the fun-spots, the people-watching-spots, the please-get-me-in-a-better-mood-spots and so on.  I will invite you to these places as we go along, starting with my office of the day; our livingroom. Every day I set it up in the same way; i place my notepad on the arm of the sofa, the computer on my lap and my coffee on the edge of the table, just where i can reach it. For some reason I have figured out that in this way, I will be at my most effective.

Living in a furnished flat has its lows and its peaks. Low: the ultra-boring IKEA-furniture, peak: the fact that we never had to worry about things such as cutlery and wether the radiators were appealing enough. We have tried to personalize the flat with some things that show who we are and what we like. We have invested in some Banksy-prints, cushions and blankets and color-ful candleholders etc. I cant say that I am fully happy with how it looks, but it will do for now. (Note: what is it will peoples’ obession for smelly candles? I have buldged and bought one myself, and yes, it is pretty and it is smelly. However, I would have preferred it without the smell. That’s all.)

One thing that we plan to have in our future home is a library. If there isn’t enough space for this at the next place, we will have to start with a library-corner. This will consist of a club-chair in brown, old and real leather, two high bookshelves stuffed with all of our books and games and other beloved rubbish that we can’t quite get rid of. It will include a standing lamp with a shade designed by Josef Frank and a small coffee-table with candles. Paul claims that there also has to be space for cigars and his whisky-bottles. I guess we will have to compromise.

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