Finally friday!

I have spent my day going to an interview (which is for this amazing position that I probably won’t get but really want but at the same time, not sure that I want cos its fulltime), finding the COS-store in Princess Square (which honestly was a delight!), working out of Starbucks (is one cup of coffee enough for three hours usage of comfy office-space?) and now a fab glass of red wine (who knew Hardys was any good…).

I am planning to spend my night in front of the xmas tree, watching Julia Roberts new movie “Eat pray love” and get some take-out for my dinner. Paul will be home by 10pm and at that time we will watch his beloved top chef and the season finale of hell’s kitchen.

Here’s a wee list of my fav shops in Glasgow:  

  • The White Company (the most amazing cashmere cardigans I have ever seen)
  • Cat Kidston
  • COS
  • Urban Outfitters
  • River Island
  • Pink poodle
  • Fraser’s (it is absolutely beautiful in there at this time a year)
  • Vintage (cosy café and vintage shop it the same facility, isn’t that wicked?)
  • De Courcy’s arcade (all the we shops in there are fab)

Got my fingers crossed for celebrating NYE in Lichfield with Hannah and Gav. If Paul get’s time off we will be heading down there and I will  make sure to visit the first ever UK Forever21-store in Birmingham. I love it like a fat kid loves cake (isn’t that such a great expression? I am so happy I picked it up) and cant wait to go there.

Xmas presents are piling up under our tree and I cant hide my excitement!! Cant believe I am not aloud to open them until after I am back from Xmas with my family. The suspense is unbearable!

That will have to be all for now, sorry for such a messy note. I know I did say that I keep those random details from my everyday whereabouts away from you, but I hope u’ll hang in there until I got something more exciting to share with u.

Have a good weekend!

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2 Responses to Finally friday!

  1. bomida says:

    Wiee, even better, här skriver jag en kommentar och när jag är klar har du tajmat in ett till mysigt inlägg -splendid!

  2. Hannah says:

    Johanna! Didn’t know you’d started a blog, love it! Paid my first visit to Forever 21 this week, it’s massive and very easy to get carried away! Fingers crossed for NYE xxx

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