Career options

Ok, so I just realized something. I don’t want a fulltime job. I think I was made to be an entrepreneur, its in my blood, and it is how i want to live my life.

Everyone who really knows me also know that I am full of opinions about pretty much everything. There is not a lot of things that i don’t have thoughts on, that said, thats not always a good thing. But I juts cannot understand how people can go through life without an opinion. I am not that good at taking direction (even though i do like to tell myself that I am). Honestly, I cant really get my head around how anyone wants to be employed. I mean, I understand the whole need for security and stable conditions, but what about the freedom to make your own decisions (which, however much you tell yourself the opposit, you cant do in someone else’s company where it is all really about what the owner/manager/board tells you to do)?

While I am this rampage, I also feel the urge to go in to politics. I am a very dedicated conservative, who get simply mad when people come out and say things like “well all those rich people with their mansions and wealth, why dont they cover the school tution fee (which happens to be a very hot topic in the Uk just now)”??? Eeeeeeh, maybe because people in their family allready done their fair share by once upon a time starting up a business, employing people, paying tax and finally consuming (things that other people sell, which will contribute to the gross product of the country and in the end do everyone well).

Sorry, I have to interrupt this little political chat to say: Iiiiiiih! They just called about the interview and I went through to the next stage. Promotion Day tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Ooops. Happened to go back up to the top of this post and realized that it took quite a turn just now. Ah well, thats how it goes. I want to pursue my company and that will be my top priority, but I do need an income and there is no harm in starting up an ordinary career on the side, in case the company-thing doesn’t come through as planned.

Bye for now, its movie-time.

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