Living in Växjö did have one positive effect on my life; I started taking an interest in all the great glass-art that is produced in the region. After many trips to the wee workshops buried in the dark woods of Småland I put a wee wishlist together. These are things that I want for a future home and things that we cant afford to buy ourselves at the time being.

Below are some of the beautiful things that I want (right, so the Kitchen Aid isn’t Swedish, but I still need one of those)


Thats right, I got the job. Turns out I will say no though. Its really more of a sales-job and its fulltime. Simply not what I am after.

I hope Paul gets away early tonight so we can pop down to our local, Velvet Elvis, an old butcher’s, and have a couple of drinks.

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One Response to Wishlist

  1. filippa says:

    sneaky 🙂

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