New Year!

I have completely forgotten to tell you about our New year in Lichfield. We went down to visit Gav and Hannah and spent a couple of lovely days at their house. Hannah cooked some amazing food (as always) and we had plenty of nice red wine. She also made me a drink that I certainly enjoyed, Morgans Spice (dark rum) with Ginger beer and lime, yum!


On the friday they took as to a massive antique-shop located in a really old barn, it was the weirdest place I’ve been to in a long time, a whole floor was filled with old-fashioned buggies, it was creepy as.


As the weekend was all about food and wine (as always when we meet up) we also went to this wicked little creperie, where we enjoyed delicious creps with delicatesses (is that a word?) such as smoked salmon, butter-fried mushrooms and goat cheese.

On NYE we went to this cosy little pub, its all about the cosyness, isn’t it? We have dinner and drinks (yet again) and almost missed midnight, as there was no count-down. But ah well, point is it was all good fun and their friends were so nice!

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