The awful reality of working 40h/week

I can’t believe how terrible it is to have a regular 8-5 job. I spend 2h each day on the highway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, crusing along in 20 miles/hour. Then I get to my job, which at least is filled with great and very friendly people, and spend another 8h there. How is that any good?

I am really crossing my fingers for my own wee company to come off the ground during 2011. I think I am better suitable for a creative job where I can harvest the real benefits of my own hard work and also can decide my own hours etcetera.

Are there actually people out there that enjoy being employed? It is beyond me. You spend your days working away, and then have a maximum of 4-6h to yourself at the end of the day. And at that time you’re so exhausted that you can’t help but crash on the sofa. Luckily Paul’s scheduale has been more forgiven the past 2 weeks and I have got dinner served each night, but imagine to have to do that too.. Simply awful.

I didn’t make any New Year-resolutions this year, as I tend to break them the next day anyway. But the one thing I aim for and will do, is to work my ass off to get our company going. It is so rewarding and I love the fact that whatever happens, it is beacuse of my own efforts. In this way I can dictate my own life and I love it!

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