Lazy Sunday

I look forward to a lazy Sunday tomorrow. After nursing a killer-hangover today I plan to get up early tomorrow and get some company-related work done in the morning. Then I will venture to the shop and get what I need to make home-made scones for breakfast. Then I want to go for a brisk walk in the crisp morning-air before I spend the rest fo the day curled up in the couch, nice and warm in ugg-boots and a big knitted cardigan.

Finally got my scheduale for work sorted. I will be doing 30h/week, spread out over four days. I really like the job so far, people are great, which makes it fun to go to work. I hope it keeps up and that I can manage the first day on my own, on Monday. In about 2 weeks I plan to get back down to London for some meetings with potential customers. I am finally get a bit of a routine together and it is quite the relief, to be honest.

Anyway, time for me to pack up and leave my daily hang-around, the café down on the corner. Time to get cosy and watch some of the shows I hadn’t had time to catch up with lately.

Enjoy the other half of the weekend!

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