Space-saving solutions

I’m not the most creative person myself, when it comes to interior design. Therefore I tend to steal ideas from others. I discovered the wooden hanger below today and thought it was a great substitue to the boring old warehouse-like clothing rack, that often is used as a last way out when the wardrobe is stuffed full. Also I have been on the look-out for storing-solutions lately. We intend to buy flat when we move to Sweden, but it will be little and cosy, rather than spacy, no doubt. Therefore we have to come up with some smart storing-ideas. That said, flats in Sweden allready offer great storing-spaces compared to the ones in the UK. Its crazy, over here there are never any wardrobes or nothing like that put in. Because the flats allready are tiny, I suppose it would not really fit anyway, but as they never offer you an extra storage in the attic or basement, it does impose some trouble.

As in the picture below, I like the idea of having book-shelves built to fit in under a staircase. I think books make a home personal and there is a cosy feel to them. I’m not sure I would go for the wardrobe-office-space myself, but it is cute!

I also love this chic and very modern chair. The logs are not only out of the way but the provide a pretty detail as well! I do admit that if I bought this it would more for the estethic value than the pure functionality.

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