Candles and other pretty things that one needs

Candles are such an easy way to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The first one, I bought last summer. It is still all wrapped up waiting for us to come back in Sweden and honor it with the focalpoint in our future home. Here are candleholders and other pretty things that I crave. I am all for the transparent at the moment, it reflects the light so nicely and adds such simplicity to the interior.


There are two more things I simply need to point out:

1. I adore the Swedish Mateus Ceramics. Is it so pretty and once I have a kitchen filled with their masterpieces I can rest in peace. The colors are gorgeous and the design is both feminine and gives that handmade feel.


2. Fondue. Eevery household should have one of those sets. Is there anything that beats a dinner that goes on for hours and hours, where fresh and handcut meat is matched with fresh veggies, homemade sauces and chutneys and pommes? Add some great wine and company to that and you will have what I think is a perfect evening.

I prefer the more old-fashioned black one but for those that like a more modern take on things, the silver one is also very chic. These are both from Dotmaison, which basically is a treasurechest for people like me.


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