Highlights from 2010, Part 1

I cannot believe that 2010 was just around the corner. It feels so distant and looking at some photos from january last year, it seems as that was in a complete different lifetime.

A lot happened in our lifes during 2010. We spent the spring in Växjö, focused on the future and determined to work our booties off. We went to Italy and visited Andrea. This was one of the best vacations in my life. The weather was gorgeous, I got to show Paul the absolute stunning-ness (I am not sure if thats a word) of the Alps, and we eve managed to sqeeze in a couple of days in Milan, where we finnally had some proper Italien food that completely melted our hearts. It was absolutely magical travelling with the train from Bormio down to Milan and see how the scenery changed along the way. In 2 hours we went from being surrounded by snowy mountains to sunshine splitting the trees and bright green lawns stretching throughout the city.

We had a couple of lovely visits during the spring-semester in Växjö, and please, let me add that meeting Lisa before we headed down to Italy is definetely up there with the highlights of 2010.

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