Highlights from 2010, Part 2

The next big events was my graduation and Claire and Dereks wedding. Lauren played a major part in making everyones lives delightful and she keeps becoming more gorgeous by the day.



Coming back to reality after these happenings, we spend the summer working as much as we could down in Växjö. I squeezed in a lovely weekend at Öland and in August my father helped us getting all of our stuff up to Gothenburg and we left Campus for the last time. I then had the pleasure and luxury of spending almost 3 weeks at the island, just cathcing up with my family and relaxing.

In September I moved over to Scotland, to join Paul who left Sweden two weeks before me. We stayed with the Nobles for a good while, and determined to buy a flat we went out househunting. At the end of the day, we decided to rent a furnished flat instead (and yes, I am aware that this is exactly what my wise sister Filippa and friend Lea advised us to do straight away). To move to the West End was great and we immediately fell in love with the neighbourhood. Paul has been keeping himself busy working and I have put my heart and soul into our wee company. As it turn out this was not enough to keep our finances going and i therefore had to start working last month. Filippa and Johan came to visit and we had a fun-filled week with them, I was so happy to see them. I cannot live another year without my sister being in the same city!

There has been quite a lot of important and life-changing events during the last year, and when returning to Sweden in a couple of months, I will do so with a new understanding for the greatness of such an organized and healthy country.

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One Response to Highlights from 2010, Part 2

  1. Claire says:

    I sympathise with you on the part of this blog when you say about not being able to live another year without your sister staying in the same city, it’s hard! It has been a hard five years not having my big brother in the same country.

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