Simply life

There is a lot happening right now. And at the same time, there is not enough happening right now. On the big scale, there is; were trying to plan our move back to Scotland, were both working full-time, Im trying to run the company at the same time. In a smaller scale, I am off when Paul is working and the other way around, we don’t have money to do any cool stuff and I want the company to take off now.

I need inspiration!!! Please. Tell me about stuff that you have done lately, things that took you from one place to another, that moved your life along the path that you want it to go.

At this moment in time, I am so ready to get settled. I am tired of moving, allready tired of not being in a well-being country such as Sweden. This in itself is very confusing for me, I honestly thought Sweden was the ultimately boring place to live, before I moved away. I was certain I would not return within the next 5 years. How wrong I was. Sweden is wonderful. I did take quite drastic measures for me to realize this. Is it such a safe place to let your children grow up, it is a healthy country in terms of food-habits and awareness of health-issues (I am obviousely not saying that everyone is heathly (including myself; loving to indulge in sweet and savoury snacks) but compared to other places, it is magnificient). It is also stable economically and the future for our offsprings is looking fairly bright. There are good jobs to get, the education is great and universities are free.

I want to point out that I am not of the opinion that a degree is everything. A degree is simply one of many ways to prove to yourself and others that you can go through with something challenging and it will also benefit your confidence in ways you did not know existed.

The important thing in life is to not take a backseat. It is to stay driven and strive towards what you want. Wether this is to become a professor, a builder, the president, an entrepreneur or an artist does not matter, as long as you make sure you try to get there. It is all in the journey towards the life that you want. People that sit back and complain about how life treats them are simply not encouraged enough to put up a fight. Life can be very unfair and everyone has got different prerequisites. The thing is that, that does not matter. You are what you do, not where you come from.

I am hoping to go to Berlin for a trade show for fresh produce next week. It would be amazing to get an idea of whats out there and who our competitors are. Also it might give me some ideas about how to reach a broader public and interesting new product-lines. More than 2300 companies will be there and I am hoping to book some meetings with possible future customers. There are also lectures about topics such as “Brands – creating and marketing a new brand” and “Innovation in fresh produce – new sales and marketing channels” which would be fantastic to listen to.  Fingers crossed!


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