Wishlist no. 1001

Browsing interior-webshops is at risk of being severely harmful to my mind (and our economy). There are too many things out there that a household needs. There are certain things that I remember from my childhood and now coming to realize that I really want myself. Such things are the classic “Classic”-thermos that I finally can appreciate for its simplicity, cristal decanters that are so so pretty and the traditional Rörstrand-collection. Lets also add a stable cast-iron pot to the collection.  

I love cups and muggs! I want loads of them, and they dont all have to be the same. I like to mix up it. But for future present-reference, please remember; i absolutely despise mugs with cartoons or commercial messages printed on them. Keep those out of my house! And also; there need to be at least 6 cups of each kind. I don not do random cups in my cupboards.  

One distinct memory from my childhood is the Sunday dinners with roasted chicken thats been cooked together with apple and onion in a clay-terrine and comes out jucier than anyhing else I have ever tasted. It is absolutely devine and I definetely need one of those!

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