On the road again

I ended up not going to Berlin but headed down South instead. That is how it is sign-posted; THE SOUTH, I almost chooked the first time I saw it. As if the South of England was THE South.  

Having the luxury of being able to stop over with the lovely Hannah and Gav, I have spent the last couple of days in the car and in their nice company.

I managed to put three meetings together and have one left to do tomorrow. Luckily it is one the way home. I have never driven this far on my own before (and will make a proper effort not to ever do it again), but I honestly do feel rather accomplished about it.

I am working on being more assertive in my contact with possible clients. Most of them are in their 50’ties and got about 30 years of experience in this trade, so I tend to feel slightly lost.

Life is very existing just now. This week my head it is spinning at a crazy speed and I feel like I got my hand in a candy-jar most of the time. Totally absorbed in what I am doing and what I want out of it. To meet with our friends and know that they can relate to my experiences is really great. They, as myself, are investing so much, emotionally and financially, in this one thing that we want so bad and it is very comforting to know that someone else is going through a similar phase.

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