Business-tripping, done.

I am done with business-tripping for this time. I finally got back home last night and will spend the weekend organizing my notes from the meetings and trying to work out some quotes.

The UK is a very pretty country to drive through and I wanted to stop on several occasions just to get a quick snap of the beautiful landscape. Unfortunately this cannot be done on highways. I find the Lake District especially appealing, with its vivid green fields and hills. It is something magical about this part of Britain and I wouldn’t mind spending some time there in the future.

The meetings went better than anticipated and I am feeling rather accomplished, after driving across this island and going into meetings on my own, for the first time.At this point in time I am going to try and stay positive and carry on with the business in a “it will happen the way I want it to”- kind-of-manner. I feel that I am growing more confident and also that the knowledge-gap between be and the buyers is closing in.

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