West End; every food- (and other) junkie’s heaven

We really ended up in the nicest of neighbourhood when we moved in to our own flat. West End in Glasgow has got everything one can want to offer, from gorumet shops to art galleries to restaurants to parks to clothing shops.

Today I strolled along our street, stopped at the Farmers Market, ate a beef burger for breakfast, that came straight from the farm via the grill to my belly.



I bought some ostrich file to cook over the weekend and continued along to Byers Road, the main street. In terms of food, you never need to move any further than this, to find everything you need. I bought cheese in the cheese-shop, parma ham in the butchers shop, bread at the bakery and tulips at the flower-stand. I also got veggies, wine and a cheeky peak in some of the vintage-shops.


I stopped to enjoy some ice cream in the sun and was delighted to realize it was warm enough to swap my Uggs for more spring-ish shoes.



I then got a wee valentines gift for Paul sorted and slowly walked back home. I love those days; everyone is out and about, the sun is heating up the ground and the grass is as green as ever. It is crazy over here, the grass is bright green all year around. It must be because of the amount of rain they get.


I think that food and drinks of various kinds are the absolutely best gifts. And it works for all occasions; valentines dag, housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries and xmas. I despise those disgusting little teddy bears and heartshaped boxes of chocolate everyone seems to go mad about and think that various other crap in that categore is a complete waste of money. I have to admit thought that the present I have got for Paul is not in the food- and drinks category, but it is a pretty good one.

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