Wabi Sabi

I am not a big feng shui-fan. It feels a bit fake to me and also very time-consuming. Wabi Sabi, on the other hand, is right up my lane. This is an idea that I found out about through the Swedish interior magazine Sköna Hem.

According to Wabi Sabi a home should be filled with precious things that have a story to them and than the owner feel true affection for. Everything should be well-cared for and be used regularly. Nostalgia, inheritated pieces and second hand finds are at the core of this style. It allows for old and worn seats and a random selection of cups and mags, rather than an industrially produced new series of identical items. Wabi Sabi stands for simplicity and to find beauty in that. Nature is a big part of it and both furniture and decorations are made of natural materials. Sounds good?


The only thing I dont care for is the name; Wabi Sabi, it sounds redicilous to be honest.

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One Response to Wabi Sabi

  1. Hannah says:

    Ha ha, how weird! Yes love the concept too, although first thought it was some new kind of sushi or dressing I hadn’t heard off! Love those lampshades . x

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