This week is finally over. It has been hell trying to cope without a car, when working and living in different cities. There is something wrong with our car battery (do not ask me what, for God’s sake) and I have been having to take the train every day. Every day, for 4 days. It has been a complete and utter nightmare. I have seriousely spent 6hours commuting per day, for the past 4 days. Try that and see how happy you are afterwards. I have been a raging monster by the time I come home, and cant help but to feel slightly guilty about my tremendous moodswings this week. And it seems as if I will have to do it again, on Monday. I don not know if I can handle that.

I have spent the night (or what was left of it when I stumbled in throught the door at 7.30pm, exhausted and not even with a boyfriend at home to look after my sorry self) reading my favourite blogs (which I intend to tip you of about at some point soon), eating popcorn for dinner and sipping a (all right, 3) glasses of red wine.

I plan to spend my Sunday curled up on the sofa trying to put a final quote together for a potential customers (my fingers are crossed so hard I can barely write), venture to Buchanan Street for a new pair of Converse (as the old ones are ripped to shreds after a wet and damp Scottish winter), tidy up the flat and do plenty of laundry. The excitement is unbearable.

It is time for bed now, I think. Sleep tight, dreamers.

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