Fingers crossed

There is a lot waiting to fallin place just now. With about 1,5 month until we plan to move, there are so many things to think of. I am waiting to hear back about jobs, Pauls needs to go over for interviews, we need to finish everything over here, sell the car, quit jobs, clear bank accounts, cancel phone contracts. There is a never-ending list.

At the moment I am holding my breath. I really hope everything goes to plan and we can get over there asap. We will start by staying at the island and I have had to settle for (maybe, if we’re lucky) buy a flat in the beginning of the autumn. Fingers crossed everything goes well and were up an running soon enough.

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One Response to Fingers crossed

  1. bomida says:

    15 månader? Oh herre, nu blir jag rädd, ska ni inte flytta hem förrän om ett år typ? Sluta skräms så.

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