Tucked into bed

My throat is killing me. I am tucked into my bed and refuse to move until this pain goes away. I have raided Boots’ cold-section and stocked up on cough-syrup, painkillers and pastilles. I am relieved to be of work tomorrow and am currently waiting for Paul to come home and cuddle me. I deserve a lot of cuddles today. I will admit that it is rather cosy though, as the rain is pouring down it is starting to get dark and I am getting all nice and warm under the covers.  

On the bright side; I did get some really good news today! I will share this with you tomorrow when I have decided what to do.

Ooh, I just remember when you were sick as a child and got to stay home from school. It was a real treat to have a whole day at home (in the middle of the week) and one of my favourite part was when my Dad served up the special “you’re sick and gonna get yummie food”-lunch! I cannot really see the delicious-ness of it now, but the homemade mash and liver pâté was a dream back then. I admit it does sound kind of weird now. Maybe that was exactly what was so appealing about it.


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