2 weeks and 3 days before I start a new job. In Sweden. It is crazy and I am getting so excited about it. I think the job will be really stimulating and look forward to try a completely new branch of trade.

It will be bittersweet to leave Scotland. I will miss many things;

1. Paul’s family, especially his lovely Mum, she is one of a kind and I feel sad thinking about us being so far away from her. Unfortunately this will always be the case for me and Paul, one of our families will always be in another place. That is the curse of being in a multi-cultural relationship.

2. I will also miss the beauty of the Scottish countryside. It is so pretty here and compared to home, the grass is always green. Even in the middle of winter. And, it is pretty much spring here now. The lillies are popping out of the ground, hungry for sunshine (just like me) and there is a warm breeze in the air. Its lovely. I hope summer will come quickly over in Gothenburg and we can enjoy staying at the island for a while.

3. I will be missing seing people carelessly enjoying a glass of wine with their lunch and being really friendly to each other. When standing at the checkout at our local grocery store I will be thinking of the staff at Sainsbury’s, calling me Darling and Honey and asking how I am.

4. I will miss being able to have an AW-drink, a beer or a vodka-cranberry for 2 pounds or less. I won’t miss the terrible selection of French wines in the supermarkets but I will miss Oddbins weekly offers on Champagne.

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