Mr PS does it again

I have a minor addiction to tea towels. The problem this creates is that I love to flash them in my kitchen but do not want to use them, as they might get dirty. Or to be honest, they will get dirty. This calls for a bit of confusion in our home as Paul, in a chefy manner, tends to think they are there for him to dry his soaked hands on or even to grab a dirty dish with, while I, on the other hand, obviousely know that they are simply for decoration.

What to do? I think I will have to keep a bunch of scabby towels behind the kitchen door and instruct Paul that those are for  ccooking-related purposes, while the ones hanging on the stove are restricted to only be eye-candy. I hope he will get it. I am afraid that wont be the case though.

I love these printed towels from Mr PS. Even if I am a lifelong meat-lover, I like the veggie-breakfast one and actually think that the menu is worthy, even in its very vegetarian-ism.


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