The Alps

I have been skiing my whole life. Out of the 25 years I have lived I think there has only been 3-4 years that I have not been skiing at all. This year is one of those and it sucks.

I just saw some faboulous photos from the Alps and the longing is getting physical. There is no place I love more than that and after having been to Australia, Asia and America, out with Europe, I can still say that the Alps is without a doubt the most stunning place in the world. There is no place more serene and tranqiul for me. It is like medicine going to the moutains. No beach will ever beat that.

I learnt to ski when I was a baby, I started out on the back of one of my parents, then got my own sets of skies when I was only a couple of years old, raced down the sloaps with a rope tied around my waist. We then moved on to a slightly scared phase when I always ended up last at the bottom of the run. This resulted in me getting no chance to catch my breath when the other kids went storming off as soon as i got to the meeting point. I soon learnt to start of before anyone else and once we joined the skiclub, VästAlpin, I finally became good. My style is somewhat peculiar, or so I have heard, but both me and my sister went on doing some minor competing and it was so much fun.

Last year Filippa and I took Paul and Johan to Italy to see our good friend. We spent some days skiing and I was amazed at how the surroundings still completely blow my mind.

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