In the house where I grew up we had this massive pantry. It was a whole room dedicate to storing food and I loved the smell in there. It was such comforting space and it could hold huge amounts of food.

Me and my sister used to play this game where one of use was propped up, blindfolded, on the kitchen table while the other one placed an ingredient, ranging from mustard to jam to vanilla suger to a piece of raw potato, on a tea spoon. The point was to guess what the ingredient was and really, if were being honest here, to find the most disgusting thing, to feed to the other one. It was fun times!

Anyway, back to the topic of this post, I would love to have one of those walk-in-pantries again. They really allow for great cooking as you can get away with having so many different things at home and still not crowding the work tops and other spaces in the kitchen. Plus, I think, in an old-fashioned romantic kind of way, that they are really pretty and inspiring.

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