Sleek kitchen and other goodies

The sleek-ness of this kitchen is really thrilling. I like it.

I really look forward to two specific things when we get our own flat. First of all, a wee desk where I can keep my computer, enjoy working and also save all my clutter. I also want the wee string with pictures that they got in this photo (I had a godo one in Glasgow so will try to reproduce that) (i also got told that, “dah, thats not a moodboard-sting, moodboards are supposed to be this and that”, and I was like; “dah, I dont care, my mood-string can be exactly what i want it to be”).

Second, I really need a decent-sized balcony where we can drink our morning-coffee, have a nightcap or just sit around and be lazy in the sun.

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One Response to Sleek kitchen and other goodies

  1. Mikaela says:

    Haha, din mood-board får se ut precis som du vill, det var ju bara jag som trodde att det var en inspirations mood-board för att vi precis pratat om sådan i skolan 😉
    Puss min skatt

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