Welcome in!

The hallway is the first part of your home that any visitor sees and this should therefore be given a bit of thought. British hallways tends to mainly just be a tiny space infront of the door, where you only spend a second before passing throught it in order to enter the next room. This is a shame. I dream of a home where the hallway is a room of its own, with just as much character as any other space in the apartment or house. Ultimately I want it to fit both a wardrobe-kind-of-area and the little desk-corner that I have been obsessing about.

I want cosy lighting, some candles and a wee seat where you can tie your boots or just collect your thoughts before heading off out. The floors and colors are equally important.

I love this photo, it is not one of the most utilized hallways I have seen and I might have tried to do something more with it but it got the basis and I adore the Maroccan tiles and the double-doors. Such character it brings!

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