Wooden wonders

Rise and shine my friends. The sun is out yet again and there is nothing that beats the current lovely nights at the island. Watching the sun set at the horizon while we are having a nightcap or a hot cup of tea on the rocks, is magic.

We are still on the hunt for a flat. We plan to rent something small for a wee while, as we get settled in and hopefully get permanent contract with our jobs.

Wood is appealing to me more and more every day and here are some shots of lovely wooden things.

I really want a cupboard like this for my clothes and accessories. The glass-doors make for a beautiful display of your favourite things and the old wood gives the locker character.

Paul and I are thinking about something like the tables below for our future dining-space. Something that draws your thoughts to drift-wood and that we can make ourselves. A big table where we can fit friends and family and where we can serve dinner family-style, with big pots in the middle and everyone helping themselevs to seconds. Bottles of red wine, candles spread out on the table-top and absolutely no needd for a cloth.

I still nurse the want for working for myself in the future. I want a wee desk, where I can keep all the things that inspire me, the pages I rip out of magazines, my computer and all my notepads and scrabbles. It doesn’t necessarely have to be a table made to be a desk, a round table would do just as fine, as long as it inspires me to be creative and has enough space for all of my things.

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