Moving on.

Things are moving along and on Wednesday, in TWO (!) days, we get access to the wee flat we will be renting until mid-January! I am excited and releaved, as Paul  has a lot fo late night shifts coming up and it is a nightmare for him to travel to the island and back every day. And I will not lie, it is gonna be pretty sweet to wake up just 40mins prior to starting work.

Lat night we got a trip to Copenhagen booked up! We are going down just to get away for a night or two, and I found this really cute little botique-hotel in the hotel district. It looks lovely. This time I intend not to shop, not to stress around, just have long walks along the harbour, look at people and houses and eat some tasty food. I will try to catch the very special atmosphere of Nyhavn harbour with my camera and share the pics you here on the blog.

I cannot wait to spend some quality-time with Paul and even though I am totally excited to have my little sis back in town, it will be nice to have our own wee place again!

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One Response to Moving on.

  1. Hannah says:

    Yay, so excited you’ve got a place! Really hope we can schedule in a trip, maybe in the fall? x

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